Low Calorie Soft Drink Set – 6 Mix Pack – Free U.K Mainland shipping!

Mix ‘n’ match with a Soho 6 pack of our award-winning drinks are delivered right to your door. Perfect for the curious, the intrigued, or those who want to have a couple of cans in the fridge to enjoy.

3 x Cucumber, Mint, Lemon & Lime

3 x Apple, Honey & Lemon



Freedom from Fizz. That is what’s offered by The Soho Juice Co. The freedom to enjoy fresh and modern fizz free soft drinks that are full of flavour, non-carbonated and low in calories. This selection box features 6x 250ml cans comprising two of our most popular and exciting flavours, inspired by the vibrant energy of London’s Soho district.

3 x Cucumber, Mint, Lemon & Lime:
Fresh and cleansing on the palette, the cucumber and lime sets the stage with a light, refreshing taste that is finished off with a touch of fresh mint. Perfect on its own over ice, or as a sophisticated mixer for your gin, this Great Taste award-winning drink is a symbol of cool, refreshing indulgence.

3 x Apple, Honey & Lemon:
Smooth and comforting as it is beautiful to drink, the unique blend of juicy apple and smooth honey – inspired by the south African honey bush plant, the drink is perfectly balanced by a zesty lemon twist. Ideal for sipping chilled or as a complementary mixer with dark spirits, this drink is a testament to our commitment to innovative and exciting flavours.

About the Producer
SOHO is the fully flavoured, non-carbonated canned drink range serving up a co2 free alternative to traditional fizzy drinks. Never more than 50 calories per can, preservative free, gluten free and vegan certified. Each can packs in a trio of tempting flavours for a deliciously fizz free canned drinking experience.

The Soho Juice Co believe that for too long the still soft drink market has not catered for nor met the expectations of the millions of people worldwide who just don’t like fizzy drinks. So, they have designed a range of innovative, cool and delicious soft drinks that offer’s a freedom of fizz, the freedom to be Soho.


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